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Down Time - PiggyPiglet - 04-09-2017

Lately, there has been a lot of downtime. This is due to bandwidth issues throughout our servers, soon we will be purchasing a dedicated server and put all of our servers on it. This will solve the bandwidth issues because everything is local, information doesn't have to travel between networks.

IP: play.wickedcubemc.com
Discord: https://www.wickedcubemc.com/discord

RE: Down Time - sakuretsuknight - 04-10-2017

Any news on when it will be online?

RE: Down Time - AndrewAubury - 04-13-2017

(04-10-2017, 02:18 AM)sakuretsuknight Wrote: Any news on when it will be online?

we now have access to the dedicated server, the down time from here is down to when piggy can get on and install the panels on to the site :Smile but should not be too much longer as from here is just smooth sailing (YES I GOT A BOAT REFRANCE IN HERE MY SAIL INSTRUCTOR WOULD BE PROUD!)